Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleeping Editorial

The Claim: A Person Can Pay Off a Sleep Debt by Sleeping Late on Weekends

In this article many myths are put to rest. One example would be that oversleeping during the weekend can make up for poor sleep during the whole of the week before. This is not necessarily true because even if the person who has had a lack of sleep does not feel tired they still have delays in their cognitive and physiological reflexes. There is a way to recover faster however, a study taken in March of this year determined that sleeping prior to when there will be little sleep will actually speed up the time that reflexes come back. Thinking back to my prior sleep habits I think that this article is correct. I have never really been able to sleep well but 'banking' up on sleep certainly has been one of my methods for helping to feel more rested. During testing time is the one of the hardest times to get an adequate amount of sleep. I have always tried to get a little sleep, study, then drink energy drinks so that I could get through the test. This year I'm going too try the 'banking' method and hope it works.